Go Global

As we are able to send all captured footage direct to a globally accessible platform, any person anywhere in the world can watch your event in real time.

Customer Interaction

We will stream your event to our interactive and directly accessible platform so your audience can give instant comments and to send messages direct onto the Live Footage in real time.  This will give you instant feedback, and allow you to assess the show with your audience

Live Video Editing

We will have the editing equipment in place before the event starts.  An engineer will edit the output in real time, allowing the feed to be dynamic and give the feel of a Live event.

Real Time Footage

A file of the total footage will be sent directly to you when our engineers get back into the office, for you to edit yourself, to keep as a memory or to advertise any future events you may be contemplating.

Live Direct to your own website

The Live and direct footage will be edited in real time sent directly to your website to advertise and market your website, your event and your products. For this a certain amount of preparation is required.  Further details upon request.

Live Studio Quality Audio Feed

We can supply you with a live mixed studio quality audio feed to accompany the video transmission.  This will be streamed globally with the aid of our streaming servers as well as the video footage.

Live Radio Show Feed

We are able to interact with a radio station who will incorporate your event within their schedule and make personal appearances at the event.  This will really make your event stand out, and put the finishing touches to the whole event.

Our Prices

Our wide range of packages ensure there are prices to suit every budget.  If you don’t see one that suits you give us a call where we can discuss your requirements, and the options available.  Take a look and talk to us.

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The Time Factor

This is one of the most costly factors with any kind of streaming service.  We are able to break the prices down into “Bite” size chunks.  40 minutes doesn't mean all at once, it will mean 8 x 5 minute broadcasts keeping your viewers wanting more.

A “Package” isn’t just a bundle of items, it’s a complete promotional service.  For more details visit our breakdown page where we explain the content and pricing further.

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